Leather First ARZIGNANO Inc. was founded in April, 1999. We moved to California, USA one month earlier from little town in Northern Italy, ARZIGNANO. Leather connoisseurs knows very well that beautiful valley, famous in whole world because of absolutely amazing tanneries. People from Arzignano are very proud to consider their town as the leather capital of the world.

Leather tanning is very ancient human activity, which brings luxury products to our every day life.

Everybody knows, that American market is the most desirable market for all European industries, so is for tanneries, producing fine leather.

History of this company started with huge quantity of samples in the trunk of Fabio's car and his 5 months long trip around USA . Open minded and professional, he met his best loyal customers up to these days during that trip.

In May 2000 Leather First open warehouse facility with a goal to serve local clients in SoCal, manufacturers of fine leather sofas, shoes, handbags and also interior designers, who use hides to upholster custom made furniture.

In March 2001 leather for automotive has been added to warehouse operation with the target to provide best quality hides and service for aftermarket production and custom made upholstery for cars and limousine.

Main business of Leather First Arzignano Inc. is being an representative agency of Italian tanneries for USA leather market. In our line, we cover the whole spectrum of leather, starting with finest pure anilines, semi-anilines, corrected grains, splits and different types of Automotive leather.

Our company is thankful to this great country for the opportunity to have a strong business.

We are very proud to be a part of "MADE IN USA" products, using our personal knowledge and solid 20 years experience in Leather Tanning industry.
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